Roger “Mr. ClubHouse” Murtaugh

My name is Roger. I am a Libertarian Archo-Marxist Paleo-Supremacist (LAMPS) and 2024 candidate for Founder and CEO (formerly known as Chief Executive Officer, but now understood by the supporters of the collectivist struggle as the Collective Equality Officer) of the Club House audio app under the new Liberated American Workers Party Education & Economic Paradigm System (LAW-PEEPS).

Under the LAW-PEEPS platform, all companies will be absorbed into Common Unified Techno-Industrial Employment Systems (CUTIES) and the leaders will be chosen by the Privilege Based Voting systems (where the more privilege you have, the impact of your vote will be applied against a multiplier based on the calculator.

I humbly demand that you support the revolution by buying my Merch on Amazon, follow me on Club House in rooms I moderate, and send me a Ca$hApp to support:

CASHAPP: $marxman69